Jyoyista Perveena

Detailed Syllabus of Astrology Courses Jyotista Parveena

The Zodiac

Nakshatras – Names, Lords, Position, Characteristics etc.

Planets: Names and Nature, Exaltation, debilitation, moolatrikona etc.

Five Types of Friendship of Planets

Various systems of Measurements of time and Indian Calendars

To know Ishta Kala, Nakshatra, tithi, Karana, Yoga etc. at a given time.

To Know Sunrise, Sunset, Dinamana, local and standard time of a place

Drawing the Lagna Chart of a Horoscope.

Drawing of the Chandra Kundali and Navamsha Kundali

Calculation of Bhavas and drawing of Chalita Kundali

Introduction to 12 houses in a horoscope and their subject matter.

General Principles of Prediction

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